Lady of the Lake: A Poem

Lake pic

Lady of the Lake

You are murky and deep,
complex and shallow.

You are a pool of mirrors
with rising fog.

I look at you and I think
of living forever.

I look at you and I think
of summers and children.

You are a hundred-year-old
lake of a woman.

I look at you and with arms stretched,
I dive in.

Copyright @ A.E. Edwards 2014


Shutting Up The Inner Chatter in Six Minutes: Friday List

A List and Video Tutorial

1. Recognize you are not going insane. You either have an over-active conscious, are being parnaoid, or being spoiled.

2. Avoid too much truth-telling during those moments…for as long as you can…at all cost. Throw an unreasonable amount of F-bombs around, or even break the dishes to avoid it.

3. Don’t turn to mental healthcare. They may diagnose you and then you will never leave.

4. Keep away from drugs and alcohol. They could kill you. Or, could make for a really bad morning.

5. Don’t make it into art. Fitting all that into a genre can become exhausting.

6. Calm down, replace the negative chatter with positive chatter. Or…call yourself “crazy” and blame Geography.