A perfect state requires great control -while they hang us high on
bloodstained crosses.

Brain Wash.

Headline drama is bullets over flagpoles –
Tossed-out journals of a dying form.
Poetry has lost its flavor.

Slice of life.

Enlightenment hits you in the most inconvenient places –
Gear up for the new product of
what can we duplicate next!

Market Value.

Primetime culture is bottled up in pill containers –
Self-help our vanity
while superheroes invade the theaters.

Feast of Fools.

Ink has lost its fashion –
we need visual fornication,
graphic eyesight moving, revolving, getting closer to the sun.

All-in-One Convenience.

LP’s have the best nostalgic tone –
and train rides remind us of temperance,
but patience isn’t fast enough for me!

Upgrade your devices.

Courtesy is oppressive
and humor is exclusive.
Why do we buy anything if it can always be upgraded?

Copyright @ A.E. Edwards 2014


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