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35 Things You May Not Know

For my 35 birthday….

1. Love has no expectations. It is no matter what. Period.

2. Prepare for the worst and strive for the best.

3. Sometimes it’s okay to enjoy cheap candy.

4. I don’t like to be late. I used to never be late. With a family of six, that not the case anymore. I still don’t like to be late.

5. When you can laugh with your children, this is where the good stuff lies.

6. You have to work for the magic.

7. The right cup makes the drink taste better.

8. When you are entering an unknown situation, carry a big loaded purse.

9. If all else fails, spray Chanel.

10. Never try and hide who you are and what you feel from your best friend, they already know you, and you’ll just get laughed at or annoy them.

11. Decision-making is painful when you are hungry.

12. The pain never goes away when you lose a child, even when they are unborn.

13. You can tell the quality of a Mexican restaurant by their cheese dip.

14. Learn how to make introductions for people who don’t know each other. There is an art to it and the end result is everyone’s comfort.

15. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Unless it was in your first morning coffee. Then it’s fair game for any emotions to come out.

16. Love means never having to say your sorry. That comes from “Love Story”.

17. My husband’s wish list is quite simple: a clean house and me. Oh, and well-behaved children. The trick is that he will make all this happen as long as I hold up to keeping the closet doors and dresser drawers closed.

18. I’m usually writing a poem or play in my head. This makes for a bunch of conversations at once…with myself.

19. I was raised to be a Christian. I have studied almost every religion in the world. I’m still a Christian.

20. Take long showers. It may be your only claimed alone time.

21. My favorite therapy is a long talk on the phone with a friend. Especially, if it is about nothing serious at all.

22. I’m doing pretty well if my bangs are trimmed and my eyebrows are plucked.

23. A bad Saturday can be remedied with a good 1980’s movie. And I have a list.

24. My favorite food is crab. I prefer pies to cakes. And, I can always resort to a good cheap taco.

25. I’ve had children, of course I’m going to own a girdle.

26. Music is necessary for me to draw breath. I mean seriously.

27. You can tell how much you mean to me by how much I remember about you.

28. My memory is my superpower and my biggest handicap.

29. There is nothing more refreshing than 8 pm, bathed children, and a bedtime story.

30. On marriage: as long as you can laugh together in the bedroom, all can be conquered.

31. I’ve never been good at recycling. Unless it’s housewares, vintage furniture, clothes, and records. But, aluminum cans and paper…it’s going in the trash.

32. Refer to number 3. This does not apply to alcohol or coffee. The more expensive the better.

33. Never choose Miracle Whip. It’s gross.

34. I like formalities, cliches, an sweet words when it comes to love and friendships. But its not a requirement. Refer to number 1.

35. I’m the most indecisive shopper in the world. Especially with pens and books.

I could have gone further, but I’ll save it for next year.



Thoughts on Frozen Waffles….


Abandonment Issues and Frozen Waffles

ease of the frozen
80’s shows,
I’m 8
left at home, alone.
This is my woe.

And I know
my gumption is low
when my beau
swallows the frozen
I chose.
He’ll probably go.

Then I am
left at home, alone
to swallow
my own frozen

Copyright @ A.E. Edwards

Palace or Prison

Palace or prison,
princess or peasant,
pâté from a duck
or porridge from pheasants;

for richer, for poorer,
for plush, for stone-broke;
it delights the palate
or makes you choke.

The ties that bind
from gold or from straw,
can safely caress
or trip you to fall.

It’s the way you create it,
the mindset, and such,
that makes it amazing
or makes it a fuss.

Palace or prison,
princess or peasant,
all can be splendid
or awfully unpleasant.

Copyright @ A. E. Edwards


Photo from Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook, 4th edition, 1971.