Update Status: What’s on your mind?

How to save marriage in America:

He was accused of pointing a gun at his wife and setting fire to their home. 

Three words that will change your life:

I won $50!

My mommy’s boyfriend is mean to me.

What do you think of this dining room table?

He unplugged the crockpot so now it’s raw chicken or pizza for dinner.

But I have blankets and sticks and we can make due.

Thankful to Jesus that my dream house driveway is finally being poured. 

I hope I can find somehwere to sleep tonight.

Long hours in front of screens are bad for your spine and core.

I am so depressed today!

Decide what it is that you want.

I was so much cuter before I had kids and baby weight.

Russia bans all imports for U.S. Soybeans.

Just can’t snap out of it.

This sweetheart needs a good home so badly.

This chandelier is my absolute favorite. 

Facebook mistakes you need to know:

I still believe. 

A.E. Edwards 2016

(A found poem while scrolling through Facebook posts. They are written in the order they were read.)

#foundpoetry #facebook #poetinaction

kill joy 

afflicted heart, half-concealing intelligence 
and bearing a sad message, paralyzed significance 

in her haunted body were notes of a distant song

as a child in dreams, repression was suspension of intelligent thought 

she felt it, this thing was a word that beat every inch of her body

a monstrous joy, and the impulse of her being

that might with quick motion –    kill her

A.E. Edwards 2016

(Found Poem from Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” 1894)

Best song pairing “Heart Skipped A Beat” by the XX

 #foundpoem #blackoutpoem #katechopin #poetinaction