The Defintion of a Heart

The Definition of Heart: a primitive form of a light reflector. #blackoutpoetry #erasurepoetry #webstersamericandictionary1967 #poetinaction    


Southern Living #recycled

The Best-Dressed Meanness and Hypocrisy of Her South

By Ashley Edwards

If you’re dreaming of a lush, feminine garden 

Where an out-of-the-box 

Arkansas cast-iron Charmer 

Is magic for the picking – 

Savor it!

I didn’t realize living by example

Is beyond

Living Southern.
Copyright 2016 A.E. Edwards 

A cut-up found poem using the April 2016 issue of Southern Living Magazine. 
My daughter, Cora Jane (10) made her own collage from previous issues of Southern Living magazines. Like mother-like-daughter. We can’t help ourselves.


Hughes vs. Didion

In response to the question “Langston Hughes vs. Joan Didion” or “East Coast vs. West Coast” by @nypl for #LiteraryMarchMadness …Standing in the center of Middle America, it’s too hard to choose. #hughesvsdidion #harlemvshippies #poetinaction #foundpoetry #cento #newyorkpubliclibrary