Dance It Away – Top 10 Dance Scenes to Dance Away Problems

Problems? Dance it away. Look no further than your childhood faves to teach you how. You Tube links to the scene. #Top10

1. Breakin 2: The Electric Boogaloo – Dance away gentrification.

2. Dirty Dancing – Dance away abortion.

3. Footloose – Dance away prejudice and bigotry.

4. Sweet Charity – Dance away protistution. 

5. West Side Story – Dance away gang violence.

5. Hairspray – Dance away segregation.

6. Flashdance – Dance away classism.

7. A Chorus Line – Dance away childhood trauma.

8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Dance away parental oppression.

9. Chicago – Dance away murder.

10. Singing In the Rain – Dance away silent films….
Ashley Edwards


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