Palace or Prison

Palace or prison,
princess or peasant,
pâté from a duck
or porridge from pheasants;

for richer, for poorer,
for plush, for stone-broke;
it delights the palate
or makes you choke.

The ties that bind
from gold or from straw,
can safely caress
or trip you to fall.

It’s the way you create it,
the mindset, and such,
that makes it amazing
or makes it a fuss.

Palace or prison,
princess or peasant,
all can be splendid
or awfully unpleasant.

Copyright @ A. E. Edwards


Photo from Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook, 4th edition, 1971.


Diotima’s Law

Odilon Redon. "Initiation to Study - Two Yo". 1905

Odilon Redon. “Initiation to Study – Two Yo”. 1905

Diotima’s Law

Plato must have judged it true
that her eyes were not of fools,
but bright and wit of tongue she was
the highest love she said pursue.

Divine is out of fashion ’cause
beauty is from skin; I must
know the earth we love to taste
and not the mind that gets the trust.

Out of the quickened, fleshly haste
I spy a material-like waste,
then we dismiss Platonic love,
but for it the heavens make the case.

And those hands are of Diotima’s glove,
I’ll never know why it comes from above,
I’ll never know why it comes from above.

Copyright @ A.E. Edwards 2014

Haiku Mom: Spring is Here and Kids Learn to Write Poetry

Spring Is Here

mamas wake early
to rain splashing the window
and little footsteps.


here comes the spring sun
children running across grass
rain is gone today.


bedtime now comes late
stacks of books by bed will wait
till we see the moon.


Copyright@ A.E Edwards

Photo Credit Ben Edwards 2014

My second grader is studying Poetry in her classroom at school during the month of April. Haiku, an ancient Japanese form, is proving to be an easy way for kids to learn how to create poetry. It provides a simple structure for them to organize their thoughts. It is three lines with 5 syllables in the first, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third (5-7-5). Haiku poems are usually about nature and include distilled thoughts on the seasons.

My daughter is working on some of her own. Since Mama is a poet, I have to remember not to be too strict on her to stick to “form”, but to let her be creative and explore making poetry in her own way. She wants me to post some when she is finished.


Here are some easy and informative resources on Haiku poetry.

The Anger Charm: A Pantoum


You wear your anger
like a pendant
around your neck
and sometimes it chokes

like a pendant
it hangs there striking
and sometimes it chokes
as a reminder of the sting

it hangs there striking
possessing a cold beauty
as a reminder of the sting
conjured up not to forgive

possessing a cold beauty
it has you under a spell
conjured up not to forgive
it’s your weapon if needed

it has you under a spell
a charm or tempting hold
it’s your weapon if needed
but peace comes from unclasping.

Copyright @A.E. Edwards 2014

The American Junk Shop


The American Junk Shop
By A.E. Edwards

America is
the unfrequented
junk shop
where I bought a two-dollar,
out-of-date blue lamp
in 1999.

Where five years later,
I sold it back,
as a classic,
for double the price
to a yellow-fingered lady
and picker of atomic miscellany.

She still sits there ageless
at the counter,
for me to stroll by with no etiquette,
to the sound of
Romance in Durango
playing on the
Danish modern console.

In the corner,
next to paintings of
gypsies and matadors,
are replicas of the masters,
and photographic scenes of
picture-perfect picket fences.

It’s now a mid-century coven,
in a warehouse,
draped with hanging lights,
starburst clocks,
and from wall to wall –
four wars of stuffed salvage
and housewife tools.

Today, I stand in line
at the same junk shop
with baby on hip,
holding a polka-dotted cocktail glass
and a JFK commemorative plate,
to buy back the blue lamp,
as rare and vintage,
for two-hundred dollars.

Copyright @ A.E. Edwards 2014